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I will definitely be at this sale!! I always find a unique treasure at this amazing hospital boutique. Who would believe that a boutique that belongs at Somerset Collection is in a hospital? Henry Ford Hospital West Bloomfield, you have a gem in your facility; thank you for giving us some real top-notch retail therapy. This shop compliments the hospital with real class & superb service. Thank you Henry Ford Hospital so much.
Lanny Smith

I Love this store, the clothes are of great, great quality, the pieces are unique and different, original and one of a kind, I’m sure you won’t find many of these clothes in any other boutiques, you are not only paying for the quality but the uniqueness of each piece…….the sales ladies/owners are some great ladies, they make you feel comfortable and at home as if they have known you for a lifetime, I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this boutique and the owners/ladies who works there, I will definitely be back!
Audra Ausha